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Clinical Trial Therapeutic Experience

Therapeutic Area Indication Phase Patient Type
Hypercholesterolemia Phase 1 Ambulant
Central Nervous System
Pain Phase 1 Ambulant
Colorectal cancer Phase 3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Infectious Diseases / Immunology
HIV Phase 1 Ambulant
Colorectal cancer (metastases) Phase 3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Solid Tumors Phase 1 Hospitalized
Prostate Cancer (metastases) Phase 2/3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Breast Cancer Phase 2/3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Lung Cancer Phase 2 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Endometrial Cancer Phase 2 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Head and neck Cancer (metastases) Phase 3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Multiple Myeloma Phase 3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
AML Phase 2/3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
CLL Phase 2 Hospitalized/Ambulant
MCL Phase 2/3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
TCL Phase 2 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Lymphoma Phase 3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
MDS Phase 2/3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
RVS Phase 1 Ambulant
Asthma Phase 1 Ambulant
Andrology / Urology Phase 3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Drug evaluation study Phase 4 Ambulant
Parental Nutrition/infusion bags (premature infants) Phase 3 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Dialyses Phase 3 Ambulant
Clinical Proof of concept Radionuclear medicine Phase 0 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Investigator Academic Trial : Digestive oncology Phase 2 Hospitalized/Ambulant
Intraoperative surgical Hemostasis / Device Phase 3 Hospitalized/Ambulant